Planning a Vacation in Recovery: Dos and Donts

But there are some pitfalls if you miss follow-up doctors’ appointments or run afoul of what is required to maintain your eligibility for benefits. Contact us  with any questions you may have or even if you are seeking more information. Our dedicated team is here to assist you to start the next chapter of your life. Spending your money on local goods and businesses helps support and sustain local economies.

Chinese Outbound Tourism Increases Recovery Pace as … – CoStar Group

Chinese Outbound Tourism Increases Recovery Pace as ….

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To reduce this anxiety and stress, you could do some preemptive problem-solving. For example, you could make sure you carry a portable GPS or map of the areas you’ll be visiting to avoid any fears of getting lost. Setting out on vacation or traveling and adventuring without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may sound like a snooze-fest and appear daunting. There is a misconception that someone following a 12-Step Program must abstain from any fun activities whatsoever. Recovery Centers of America hosts a full continuum of care to help our patients build the confidence needed to transition back into everyday life.

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If you don’t take part in either of those recovery options, you can still ask a sober friend, coach, or other supportive person if you can call or text them for backup if you feel uncomfortable on your trip. How will we avoid drinking or using when we’re away from home, with all of our recovery routines disrupted? It’s true that vacation can have some challenges for people recovering from substance use disorder, but if we’re mindful, we can navigate through them and stay sober on vacation.

  • Continually acknowledging the strides you are making is a great way to reinforce better habits.
  • RCA has locations in North Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Chicagoland.
  • Nowadays, they can be anxiety ridden affairs that are full of opportunities to relapse.
  • Please know that whatever you leave behind, you will return to it.
  • It’s more than possible to enjoy a vacation while avoiding
    triggers and maintaining your sobriety, and Recovery Centers of America is here to
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​Here we highlight all the available ways to ​survive a sober vacation at​ this juncture of recovery. Avoiding alcohol or booze does not equate to boring or missing out on life. You might be able to arrange for a trip like this if you’re going to be attending a conference or seminar. You can learn new skills, explore new locations, and meet new friends who share your goals and values. If your regular meeting is on a weekday, you might want to consider arranging an online meeting if you will be gone for an extended period of time. This can help you maintain your connection to the group and benefit from attending a regular meeting even when you’re far from home.

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Have a list of fun, sober activities you can do on your vacation already prepare before you arrive. Creating a checklist of things to do while on the trip can help fight boredom that can lead to temptation. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, don’t wait. Vacations are an excellent opportunity for us to unplug, however in recovery, unplugging does not mean disconnecting from our sober support network. Look for destinations and activities that won’t put your recovery in jeopardy. You’ve come a long way — take some time to reward and pamper yourself.

  • I’m Natalie, a culinary innovator and the heart of Natalie’s Health.
  • It’s always a good idea to let those in your support network
    know you will be traveling and may need some extra support.
  • If your friends or family will be using drugs, you could be firm that your own hotel room will be drug-free.

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recovery, unplugging does not mean disconnecting from our sober support

What Is Your Idea of Sober Fun This Holiday Season?

If you have always traveled with a group of boisterous friends or family who make it a point to imbibe over vacation, reconsider your travel companions. One of the most important elements of sobriety is keeping temptations at bay. Vacation will already be one giant temptation – if all the people around you are partying, drinking, or doing drugs, your strength will be tested. Having support when you’re away from your home base is important, and even if you’re traveling with loved ones, it’s good to have other people in recovery who can help you if you’re feeling tempted. Once you know where your vacation is taking you, scope out at least one recovery group that you can join at a moment’s notice if necessary.

vacationing in recovery

They can also provide you with support and advice if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Taking a group meeting with you on sober vacations can also help you to cope with any challenges or temptations that may arise during your trip. You can choose one or more accountability partners from your sober friends or family members. Ensure they are reliable and trustworthy and understand your expectations and boundaries. Before you depart, tell them how they can help you stay on track and what situations you want to avoid.

View each small step or accomplished goal as an achieved victory and congratulate yourself for a job well done — and invite others to join in. Continually acknowledging the strides you are making is a great way to reinforce better habits. When you’re in recovery, it’s necessary to have a proper plan — even when on vacation.

vacationing in recovery

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